Chris McHardy

Chris McHardy

 Chris McHardy, Singer/Songwriter - Guitarist has been involved in the Music business for over 40 years. At the age of seven, he picked up his first stringed instrument, a hybrid of the American Banjo and the traditional Hawaiian Ukulele. With Banjo Ukulele in hand, he was soon jamming in the basement with his fatherís Bluegrass and Country bands, instilling in him a deep appreciation for Roots Music that can be heard in his playing today.

This early musical exposure also showed Chris that he possessed a keen ear for rhythm and melody. He started composing his own songs while still a pre-teen, and by the time he finished high school he was working full-time as a Guitarist/Songwriter. He started out performing at local clubs with a number of Rockabilly and Country Bands and progressed to playing arenas and showcase venues throughout the United States and Canada, performing everything from Top 40 Rock & Roll to Classic Blues.

In the late 1980's, Chris moved to Toronto to continue his musical career. He played with several local Blues and R&B bands while hosting acoustic jams and guitar workshops. He also wrote and recorded an instrumental CD of original Jazz-Fusion songs.

In 1994, Chris decided to go to Europe to promote his CD. He toured France and the Benelux countries, performing his original music along with popular Blues Rock covers for enthusiastic audiences. He sold out numerous concert venues, and appeared in Summer festivals, quickly becoming a favored Guitarist with Western European music fans.

Later in 2002 Chris became the North American Guitar Champion by performing a number of original instrumental compositions at Niagara's Guitar Festival competition.

Chris is currently performing for Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll and Bluegrass fans across Canada and the United States.

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